Repair work

Heating / radiator repair work

After time your heating system will need replacing or upgrading.

Old and dated boilers not only deliver poor levels of heat but are very inefficient.

With energy companies increasing costs year after year, its a sensible idea to upgrade your boiler and radiators.

With new energy efficient boilers, power is greatly improved and  money saved through using less gas.

There are many new radiator designs to choose from, some to suit older properties and others fitting in to new builds / modern homes.

They emit superior levels of heat and actually enhance the look of any room. Actually becoming a talking point!

We can also offer existing heating system power flushing.

This involves circulating large volumes of water (at pressure) and cleaning agents around the whole heating systems. This removes debris / rust. If you have cold spots in your radiators a power flush will be very beneficial.

  • Better and even heat distribution around your property
  • Lower household bills
  • Better system reliability
  • Longer system lif

How long does a heating powerflush take?

If executed correctly the process can take several hours. The calculated time can

be extended if the system is very dirty or large.

UK building regulations stipulate that a powerflush / clean must take place before a scale inhibitor chemical is added during commissioning.

Its also a good idea to do this before installing a new boiler, many manufacturers make their warranties dependent on cleaning / flushing in accordance with BS7593.

As Oakshott and Holden are professional heating engineers, every aspect of cleaning / power flushing can be actioned with confidence.